Who hasn't been stuck in a car for hours on end with the kids in the back constantly asking..."Are we there yet?" With these fun and educational games, your kids won't want to get there because they will be having such a great time!

Check out three of our favorite Are We There Yet Games including:

  • License Plate Game: As you cruise down the road, mark off states every time you see a license plate from that State. Interstate travel just got more fun!
  • Bingo: Look for objects in the world around you to complete your bingo card.
  • Hangman: Its the classic game of Hangman, with a stylish twist!

The License Plate and Hangman games come with 50 pages each. Bingo comes with 2 different game pads, 25 sheets each. Play individually or as a family.

Note: The Event Agenda is not responsible if you can't get them out of the car!

Individual pads are $5.99 or buy a gift pack (all three games) for $16.99.


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itinerary are we there yet

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