About Us

At the Event Agenda, we know how much work goes into planning a successful event. LOTS! When I got married, one of the things that I kept realizing was that I didn't have an easy way to communicate weekend details with my guests; so, I created my very first event itinerary. Several of my friends and family members asked about my itinerary, and asked to have something similar for their own events. I started helping out friends and family communicate more effectively with their guests, and now with The Event Agenda, I am excited to help you.

There are hundreds of resources online that help you create invitations, save the dates, thank you cards, and places to create your own website, but none of them served the need that was simply to consolidate all of the pertinent event information (locations, attire, weather, travel and accommodations, etc.) in a single simple to access, simple to read place. Either the formats offered didn’t work, or it was just too much work. While going through the process of creating The Event Agenda, I kept coming back to the same question: How can I create a simple process to get event details to guests without hosts/hostesses spending endless hours formatting and researching details?

We offer two options for creating elegant and informative event agendas:

  • Traditional print packages. Gorgeous, professional designs printed on your choice of paper or card-stock options. A great option if you’d like your guests to be able to carry the information with them or if you have guests who may be uncomfortable accessing electronic media.
  • Web-based packages. A great option for a tech-savvy crowd. Why send a forgettable email when you can make a statement from the minute your message arrives?

At The Event Agenda, our goal is simple: save you time while helping you provide critical event information in an elegant way. And remember, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

We look forward to working with you!


Julie Levine
(Chief Event Organizer)