What our customers are saying....

"We were getting ready for our son's bar mitzvah and I was getting frustrated planning the event AND responding to emails and phone calls about the details of the weekend (where to stay, what to wear, etc.). I tried to put something together on my own, but could not make the layout work or find the right graphics.

Using the Event Agenda made it quick and easy to create a beautiful itinerary. It was the perfect tool for our guests to prepare and make the most of the weekend.  The itinerary was well organized, stylish and clearly showed the guests where they needed to be, and when.  

The Event Agenda really saved the day!"

- Shelley - Charlotte, North Carolina

The last thing I wanted to deal with after recently moving homes was sending a moving announcement! The Event Agenda offered us a creative, affordable and easy way to let our friends and family know we had moved. We didn't have to search for our embosser or locate cute stamps to send them which was huge plus! Our friends loved it so much that one of them ended up contacting The Event Agenda for their moving announcement too.

- Rachael - Houston, Texas

E-nnouncements are a brilliant idea! The Event Agenda made it so easy to create my e-nnouncement. It was an elegant yet inexpensive way to announce our event without the hassle or waste of a paper announcement. The Event Agenda is also amazingly inexpensive. I have already recommended it to several friends who also love it.

- Tena F. - Houston, Texas